Have Some Family Fun in Ard's Playground!

We continue to expand our playground with new and inventive playground equipment at Ard's Dairy Farm. Each time we add something new we can't help, but start thinking about all of the fun in store!

We encourage you to post your photos of your day of fun at Ard's on our Facebook wall.
We love to hear from all of you.

Our latest additions include -

The Ards Dairy Farm Zip Line

Zip down this long wire and see what it feels like to fly! This adventurous experience is definitely a thrill seekers dream!

One Ride is only $2.00
Ride Three times for only $5.00

sandbox built of tires at Ard's Dairy FarmTractor Tire Tiered Sandbox

Wow! Imagine building a sand castle or digging with your trucks on a sandbox built of huge tractor tires and white sand.

Guaranteed to entertain your little ones for a long time.

Ard's Antique Grist Mill & Water Pump Station

Pretend you're a real farmer in the old days of farming at our Grist Mill. See how a grist mill was a great tool for farmers with this historic activity site!

Hay Mound at Ard's Dairy FarmFall Hay Mound

It is fall and time to celebrate our Fall Bounty. At Ard's we have just made a pyramid of hay bales festively decorated for climbing fun.

Chutes 'n Ladders at Ard's Dairy FarmChutes 'N Ladders

How many times can your young one climb up the ladder and slide down the chutes? It is always fun at the end when you both hug. And off again, back to the top!


Round and Round you go at Ard's Dairy FarmRound and Round You Go

Don't worry. Dad will keep you on the path as you have a great ride going around in circles.