About the Ard Family

Ard’s Dairy is a family-owned and operated Holstein dairy farm. Our dairy barn sits on a part of the original land purchased in 1894. We now have over 200 Holstein cows producing Grade A milk. Our farm has grown to over 1200 acres. In addition to our daily farm operations, we now are expanding into agri-tourism and offering tours. We want to give our visitors the opportunity to learn about dairy operations, while enjoying their trip to the country.

Cows in the field at Ard's Dairy Farm

Pat Ard, owner of Ard's Dairy FarmToday, Ard’s remains a family enterprise. Pat Ard, is the farmer who oversees all farming operations. His wife, Bonnie assists with tours and is the chief Ard’s photographer. Two of their children, Julie and Jason, are also involved. Julie Ard James spent 7 years at Cisco Foods as a marketing executive. She recently returned to the family farm and is responsible for planning and facilitating all tours. Jason Ard is assisting his father daily with farm operations. (Photo of Pat Ard by Chad Lederman of the Daily Leader)

Julie Ard James and Pat Ard enjoying a sunny day at Ard's Dairy FarmHistory

James Ard purchased 211 acres in 1894. The property was originally a cotton farm. In 1940 Floy and Gussie Ard began milking 40 Jersey cows by hand. They began shipping Grade A milk in 1950. Pat Ard took over the operations from his father in 1971 and purchased his first Holsteins in 1972. The Ard’s Dairy tradition continues today.